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December 31, 2022: Interview by the Piratical Podcast, Part II.

August, 2022: Pirates of the Caribbean: Their History, and Their Depiction in Myth, Fiction, and Film

Details can be found here.

January 9, 2021: Interview with The Piratical Podcast on the Subjects of Black Sails and More!

February 16, 2021: Trade Paper Edition of The Golden Age of Piracy is Now in Print!



December 14, 2020: Interviewed along with Mike Tuñez of Firelock Games by Liz Davidson for her “Beyond Solitaire” Podcast on the subject of Firelock’s Blood & Plunder tabletop wargame.



November 14, 2020: My lecture on Sea Roving Tactics, Emphasis on Boarding Actions, for The CYBERWARS Fall Roundtable is now Online!

Again, a fun interview with great moderators! November 14, 2020.



July 24, 2020: The CYBERWARS Virtual Convention Roundtable Interview on The Golden Age of Piracy is Now Online!

Fun interview, great moderators! July 24, 2020.


May 7, 2020: An Interview by Steaphen Fick of Davenriche European Martial Artes

Steaphen Fick–owner and head instructor at Davenriche European Martial Artes in San Jose, not to mention an expert on practical historical swordplay, the best authority I know on fencing in armor, a true gentleman, and a genuinely nice person–has interviewed me on the subjects of piracy, Black Sails, Firelock Games, swordplay, and more. I first met Steaphen some years ago at CombatCon in Las Vegas, we were on a panel together, I think it was composed of several of us who had worked or advised on Deadliest Warrior. If you’re interested at all in historical fencing, Steaphen is doing a lot of practical videos on the subject right now, just look up Davenriche on Facebook.

Davenriche Interview on YouTube


April 23, 2020: SRP is in an Audio Book Edition!

The Sea Rover’s Practice is now in an audio book edition, and on Audible too! (Trade paper and ebook editions are still in print too, hardcover is OOP though.)



April 22, 2020: GAoP Trade Paper Release Delayed…

The trade paper release of The Golden Age of Piracy, originally scheduled for June 2020, has been delayed until February 2021 due to the pandemic.



January 30, 2020: Treasure Light Press!

Treasure Light Press Banner
Treasure Light Press is finally up and running! We’ll be posting regular updates about our first project, Captain Blood: His Odyssey, The 100th Anniversary Annotated Edition. Stay tuned!


December 3, 2019: Seasonal Marketing!

Holiday Marketing
Obligatory seasonal marketing… GAoP is available in hardcover and ebook, and this spring in trade paper. FW is available in trade paper and ebook, SRP in trade paper and ebook (the hardcover has long been out of print), and PH in hardcover and ebook. Not shown are The Buccaneer’s Realm and How History’s Greatest Pirates, the former is available in ebook (hardcover is long out of print, but available used, don’t overpay for it!), the latter as well (trade paper is out of print but you can probably still find it available from various vendors).


November 25, 2019: The Golden Age of Piracy to be Released in Trade Paper!


Still available in hardcover and ebook, The Golden Age of Piracy will also be released in trade paper late next spring (June 2, I believe)! (As ever, the author is always the last to know…)

November 14, 2019: A South Park Call-out to Blood & Plunder!

South Park’s November 13, 2019 episode (season 23, episode 7, “Board Girls”) features Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder tabletop war game (the show’s creators are fans). Full disclosure: I do historical consulting for Blood & Plunder (and Oak & Iron). Great people at Firelock, by the way.


September 19, 2019: Lecture at UAH in Honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day!



September 16, 2019: Lecture on The History & Practice of Modern Swordplay for LearningQUEST

Early Pass

At the Huntsville City Library, 1 PM.

July 23, 2019: Special Guest on 200th Podcast!


I’m the [Spoiler Alert!] special guest on the 200th anniversary Under the Crossbones Pirate Podcast hosted by the excellent interviewer [and comedian!] Phil Johnson. Enjoy.


December 2018: Obligatory Holiday Marketing

Holiday Marketing
Titles are all in print, some in hardcover, some trade paper, all in ebook. The Buccaneer’s Realm and How History’s Greatest Pirates… are also available. Amazon book links can be found on the main blog page.

December 13, 2018: Disappointing News!

FW Banner

Disappointing news I’m afraid on the subject of Fortune’s Favorite, the sequel to Fortune’s Whelp. First, after a series of red flags (marketing large via ebook submission to blogs, plus Amazon review swapping by the publisher’s authors, along with suggestions that I pay for Amazon to promote the book), the publisher (Penmore Press, who also published Whelp) wanted me to modernize the language. This is slightly negotiable, even though the language isn’t actually period but neither does it sound like a couple of suburbanites gossiping at an office party, a common affliction in much historical fiction these days, to quote a journalist I know.

But the publisher also tried to tell me falsely, repeatedly, and adamantly that publishers only copy edit, not line edit (creative content, writing style, &c) and therefore, and even more egregiously, I’d now be expected to pay for a line editor. In fact, he asked several times if I’d already had the manuscript professionally edited–he wasn’t sure from reading it. This made it quite clear to me that he was seeking an editing fee in return for publication, either to offset his publication costs or to augment his profit at the expense of the author’s.

It is patently false that legitimate conventional publishers would ever require this, and it’s frankly beyond bemusing that a publisher would, as another multi-legitimately published author put it to me, tell someone with my experience as a published author such a blatant falsehood.

 Absolutely under no circumstances will I pay for an editor, nor should any writer, fiction or non-fiction, in any form of traditional publishing. Until now no publisher (four of them, including Penmore oddly, and six books) has ever asked me to do this. They’ve always provided them because this is what legitimate publishers do. Any writer published by legitimate presses knows this, not to mention its veracity is easily Googled.

I’ve no intention of supporting a cottage industry (editors hired by writers) that has grown significantly with the rise of self-publishing and small ebook/print-on-demand presses. Demands by publishers that authors pay for editing has always properly been considered a scam. “Publishers” who expect writers to pay for editing are trying to shift much of the financial burden onto the writer while keeping most of the profit to themselves, in which case why shouldn’t the writer just self-publish and keep all of the profit? Or better yet, be patient and find a legitimate publisher.

 So we’ll go from here, we’ll get it in print sooner or later for those of you interested. I’ll keep you advised.

December 5, 2018: Oak & Iron Kickstarter Ended

Oak & Iron Kickstarter
$199,592 pledged of $45,000 goal, 1,356 backers! Full disclosure: I’m the historical consultant for both Oak & Iron and Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games.

July, 2017: The Golden Age of Piracy is Available in Polish!

Polish Title: Zloty Wiek Piratow. Translated by Maciej Studencki, published by Wydawnictwo Astra (Kraków).
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